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The Judicial Press Conference of Karlsruhe (JPK) is an independent association of journalists reporting on the Federal Constitutional Court, the Federal Court of Justice, the office of the Attorney General and legal policy issues.

The JPK was founded in 1975 and is a registered association. It is based in Karlsruhe and is funded by member contributions. Membership is restricted to full-time journalists reporting habitually on the jurisdiction of the highest federal courts and issues regarding legal and judicial policy.

The association defines its purpose as “promoting education in the field of law, jurisprudence and the legislative process”. Unlike comparable organizations - such as the Federal Press Conference in Berlin - the JPK does not hold its own press conferences. Its main aim is to maintain a regular dialogue with legal professionals in Karlsruhe, as well as academics and politicians. To this end, the JPK regularly hosts lectures for specialist media and other experts in the field.

The association also represents the professional interests of its members in relation to courts and authorities.